Nail art inspired by traditional Czech ceramics
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Anonymous asked: Hi >.< i love your blog so much by the way! And I was just wondering what program you use on the computer to create your tutorials. If you don't want other people to know please don't tell me I don't want to make you feel obligated! Thank you so much love!

Hello! I don’t mind people knowing at all, actually it’s one of my FAQ. I described it on my blog, you can find it HERE.
Thanks for your question! :)

Anonymous asked: How do you make ombre nails? Sorry for the lame question...

You can find so many useful tutorials out there! :)
I prefer to paint the polish color on the sponge and then I use the sponge on my nails. It looks pretty much like thisor this tutorial.
Good luck with ombres!

litxum asked: I'm absolutely in love with your blog! Your designs are incredible!(: I have a quick question. How do you keep the skin around your nails so neat after applying the nail polish? I have long nails, & I do them on my own and I'm pretty good at it, I just can't keep the area around the nail as neat as I'd like. Also, tips on how to dry them fast? I do them before I sleep because that's when I'm free & when I think they're dry they aren't actually, so I wake up with them ruined. Help?

Hi! To keep the skin around my nails healthy I use hand cream and cuticle oil regularly, usually before bed. For clean up I don’t use aceton, as many bloggers do, I just wait until the polish dries completely and then I put my hands under warm water and peel the polish off my skin, it comes off quite easily.
I do my nails before bed too, I don’t get any sheet marks thanks to my top coat, that’s what really works for me. I use NYC Turbo Dry top coat , the best available top coat here where I live. There are many great top coats out there, but also many bad ones, so I’d recommend you to read some reviews and choose one then, no more sheet marks in the morning! :)
I hope I answered your questions, thanks for this lovely comment and good luck with finding great top coat!

Anonymous asked: I have never seen such beautiful nail designs! they are REALLY, really pretty!! *0* hope you keep painting your nails, because you're really talented! have a good day! (:

aaaw, thank you! the simple fact my (nail) art gives this great impression to someone makes me so happy <3
I’ve been posting less lately, but I always paint my nails at least once a week ;) no worries there!
whoever you are, have a nice day too! :)

Triangle Trash
nail design inspired by an art class project: garbage bag dress
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pippastokes24-deactivated201403 asked: Where do you get you ideas from!??

That’s an uneasy question… I usually look for ideas on the internet, mostly I’m inspired by other nailartists, when that doesn’t work, I just browse patterns, fashion or whatever I think of.
Sometimes I’m inspired by something I saw that day, things we learnt about at school (like with my baroque nails) or just totally random idea comes to my mind.
Thanks for your question!

Red Waterfall
- matching my dress